Specialists in Managed fund and Term Deposit custody and servicing.

As a result, for over a decade we have accumulated unrivalled expertise and the best people in the business. All our resources and expertise are directed towards one outcome – better results for your business.

How do we do this?

  • By significantly reducing your managed fund servicing costs;
  • By improving your client’s service experience;
  • By reducing your risk; and
  • By providing a scalable platform for your growth.

With Ausmaq you gain access to proven technology and tailored solutions that deliver rapid payback – from Day 1. We’ll be here for you today and in the future with solid backing and expert, meticulous people who are easy to work with. We are committed to constant improvement and high quality outcomes.

That’s why many of Australia’s major financial institutions have partnered with us for over a decade.

If you’re not already with Ausmaq – and experiencing the results that we deliver – have a good look at this website, or simply contact us.