Tax Component Data


This unique service assists with mitigating processing risk, and is used for the independent validation of your year end income processing across a wide range of managed funds. This cost effective service is a valuable validation tool given that the timely reporting of managed fund distribution and tax components at year end is a critical service function for all professional administrators.

What you get

  • Comparison data, at individual managed fund level, of standard tax component proportions. That is, the proportion of the total distribution represented by a specific income, capital gain or tax credit component.
  • Components utilise the FSC/ATO standard for managed fund distributions, and are updated and validated each year to reflect any changes to the categories.
  • Data can be delivered on a daily basis or a frequency of your choosing throughout the year end period.

How you benefit

  • Satisfy your risk and compliance need for validation of the end result of your own tax component processing functions against an independent data source.
  • Acquire a quality control mechanism that can be used in addition to existing control features to reduce the risk of potentially costly classification or data entry errors.
  • Improve quality control – the regular delivery of the tax data files means that quality control can be conducted progressively and in a timely manner throughout the year end cycle. This facilitates a staged completion of reporting in line with the specific underlying holdings of individual investors, with corresponding workflow and staged delivery benefits.
Data samples available upon request.