Unit Price Data


Considered the industry’s most accurate and timely unit pricing service, our Unit Price Data Service is designed to meet 100% of your fund pricing needs. No wonder it’s used by all the major global custodians and many leading wrap platforms in Australia. Standard features of our Unit Price Data Service are:

  • Application, redemption and net asset value (NAV) unit prices collected from fund managers.
  • Electronically processed data (no double-keying) sourced directly from fund managers’ data files, thereby reducing a significant risk element.
  • Quality testing of the price data including tolerance and edit checks.
  • Electronic delivery of data files in a standardised format at your pre-agreed delivery time(s).
Data samples are available upon request.
Ausmaq offers a range of pricing service options:

Premium Pricing Service

Essentials Pricing Service

Outstanding Price Reporting Service

Month End Price Service

Hard Close Price Service