Essentials Pricing Service

What you get

  • Prices delivered to you at the standard time each week.
  • Additional funds added to your list on a weekly basis.
  • Our service desk which is available via email to answer any queries.
  • Application, redemption and net asset value (NAV) unit prices collected from fund managers.
  • A single source for your unit pricing needs designed to provide 100% coverage of your agreed fund list.
  • Electronically processed directly from fund managers’ data files.
  • Validation of price data including tolerance and edit checks.
  • Experienced specialists with established fund manager relationships enabling rapid take on of new funds and resolution to any issue.
  • Electronic capture of unit prices at source – eliminating the need to rekey data. This significantly reduces operational risk and costly errors with potential reputational and financial consequences.

How you benefit

  • High quality unit pricing data provided at an affordable price point.
  • A simple service that gives you what you need without the bells and whistles.
  • Release your resources from non-core, inefficient and potentially high risk activities.
  • Reduce your costs by taking advantage of Ausmaq’s scale.
  • Coverage of your fund data needs from a single source.
  • High quality data minimises your risk, occurrence of rework and potential costly errors.
  • No more chasing multiple sources – no more dealing with multiple formats – no more re-keying.
  • A resilient service that removes your vulnerability to staff turnover and absences.
  • A rapid, low cost, implementation.
Data samples available upon request.