Outstanding Price Reporting Service

This service provides stale price detection and reporting as well as detailed follow up and reporting on the fund manager response to delayed price issuance.

What you get

  • A definitive list of all your required funds which currently have outstanding prices.
  • Data on days overdue, status, follow-ups made with the issuer and their response.
  • Daily delivery at the time of your choosing with up to the minute information.
  • A rapid, low cost, implementation means you can be up and running in 24 hours.

How you benefit

  • Mitigate risk through accurate identification and tracking of outstanding prices.
  • Enhance your client service – knowing the current pricing status enables you to better  service your clients.
  • Liberate your resources from time consuming activities.
  • Reduce your costs by taking advantage of Ausmaq’s scale.
  • Profit from the knowledge and experience of Ausmaq’s dedicated and experienced pricing team.
  • No more chasing multiple fund managers.
  • Rapid payback – enjoy the benefits from day one.
Data samples available upon request.