Premium Pricing Service

What you get

  • A single source for all your unit pricing needs.
  • A service designed to provide 100% coverage of your agreed fund list.
  • Tailored service – timing, fund coverage and optional features that suit you.
  • A dedicated pricing team –specialists with extensive experience with established ongoing fund manager relationships to enable rapid issue resolution.
  • Proactive monitoring and follow up of fund managers for any delayed price issuance.
  • On time delivery of unit prices – intraday files at the times you choose.
  • Customised file format available to suit your existing systems and processes.
  • Electronic capture of unit prices at source – eliminating the need to rekey data. This significantly reduces operational risk and costly errors with potential reputational and financial consequences.
  • Systemised tolerance checks in place to detect unit price anomalies. These prices are then validated and followed up with the fund manager (if necessary) prior to being released to you.
  • Quality Assurance – a diligent network of users with fund data under constant review. Our existing client base includes major fund managers and all of the major Australian custodians who demand the highest quality of fund data. If one of them raises a query, any corrections are published to all.

How you benefit

  • Release your resources from non-core, inefficient and potentially high risk activities.
  • Reduce your costs by taking advantage of Ausmaq’s scale.
  • The efficiency of a single source for all your funds data.
  • High quality data minimises your risk and occurrence of rework.
  • Access to the knowledge and experience of a dedicated pricing team.
  • No more chasing multiple sources, no more dealing with multiple formats, no more re-keying.
  • Within minutes of being published the funds data can be delivered to you to align with your processing needs.
  • A resilient service that removes your vulnerability in the event of staff turnover or absences.
  • A scalable service that allow you to acquire new fund prices at short notice.
  • Rapid, low cost implementation – you can be up and running in 24 hours.