White Label Funds Wrap


A comprehensive wholesale managed funds service that will enhance your revenue streams by consolidating client fund investments onto your own branded platform. You control your own funds menu and introduce new funds as and when you wish. This service can be used on a stand-alone basis or as a service component for your broader portfolio services.

What you get

  • A comprehensive wholesale managed funds platform providing streamlined access for your clients. A simple and effective way to get investors up and running.
  • Rapidly deploy the IDPS solution in your business without the lengthy lead times normally associated with systems integration.
  • An open menu – add new funds to the existing coverage of over 100 Australian fund managers and 800 managed funds to facilitate rapid take-on of new business.
  • Delivery to investors of a seamless investment experience enabled by a comprehensive electronic interface with your portfolio administration system.
  • Real-time access to order input, tracking and portfolio queries.
  • An established partner – Ausmaq has been a provider of white label IDPS solutions for wholesale managed funds for over a decade and is a member of the NAB Group of companies.
  • A straightforward and proven legal structure, with Ausmaq assuming principle responsibility for IDPS compliance.
  • An off-the-shelf and market-tested standard combined FSG and IDPS Guide that can be styled and branded to complement your current investor material.
  • A flexible fee-charging framework that can be configured to align with your current investor structure. Tested and mature online access to the Ausmaq IDPS for administrators and advisers.
  • Efficient and timely delivery of income and reporting to your investors.
  • Up to date Fund PDS documents at your finger tips.
  • A flexible cash process to align with your existing cash environment.
  • A proven and transparent process to bring investors in existing managed fund assets onto the service.
  • A rich set of investor information to cover all regulatory requirements that can be consolidated within your existing investor reporting process.
  • A dedicated relationship manager as your single point of contact for all your managed fund servicing needs.
  • The option to have your AML obligation of verifying your investors taken care of by Ausmaq.

How you benefit

  • An “out-of-the-box” IDPS solution – gives you speed to market and saves you significant time and money versus building it yourself.
  • Enhanced revenue streams – consolidate your client fund investments onto your own branded platform where you benefit from the fee structure.
  • Rapid deployment and payback – implementation is quick and easy so your clients quickly gain access to a broad and open menu of wholesale managed funds and you experience the benefits sooner.
  • Enhanced end-client experience – a rich and seamless experience for your end-clients.
  • Compliance, Audit and Risk as an IDPS Operator all taken care of – by an experienced member of the NAB Group of companies.
  • Stay Up To Date – the cost, time and effort of monitoring and adapting to IDPS industry changes are removed; they’re are all taken care of by Ausmaq.
  • Scalability – this is a solution that flexes with your business activity levels and enables you to upscale your business at will. Meanwhile you can avoid committing valuable resources – financial, people and technology – so you can focus on other core aspects of your business.
  • Reduced risk and higher accuracy – delivered by our proven electronic systems.
  • Agility – you get a flexible investor pricing model to help capture market opportunities and the open menu allows you to transfer a diverse range of existing client fund portfolios onto the platform without delay.
  • Flexibility – easily tailor client-facing product aspects to meet your client needs.