Why Ausmaq


Our Technology

Over the past decade, Ausmaq has invested significantly in developing technology and systems that are purpose-built to service managed funds with the highest levels of automation.  At the core of our technology strategy three key strengths set us apart:

  • A purpose built proprietary system backed by an in-house software development team enables the highest levels of efficiency;
  • Our broad client base means we can regularly invest in service enhancements to keep pace with industry change;
  • We have in place a highly resilient technology infrastructure providing peace of mind that our service is always online;

Our in-house technology team means we can deliver on going enhancements to our capabilities and meet frequent industry changes.  Improvements to our service delivery platform are enjoyed across our entire client base and this ability to leverage our scale makes the investment in these ongoing enhancements easier to justify.

We understand the importance of delivering a very reliable service to our clients and have designed our underlying technology infrastructure with a highly resilient, enterprise grade architecture that provides multiple layers of redundancy and appropriate responses to business continuity or disaster recovery scenarios.  We maintain our underlying technology platform with a controlled renewal program to ensure all components are modern and up-to-date.

Our People

We have attracted some of the best people in the business who have developed a unique level of skills, knowledge and experience in all aspects of managed fund processing and administration, and are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients. This is evidenced by our clients regularly requesting specialist support in the design and implementation of their managed fund platforms as well as to assist in completing year end activities.

Our Unique Capabilities

Our purpose-built systems, automation and specialist skills combine to provide unique capabilities that significantly improve your efficiency, reduce your risk and deliver a better end-client experience. Our depth of experience allows us to better understand your business requirements and to tailor a solution to maximise the return for your business. Our capabilities include:

Leaders in Industry Efficiency

Aggregation Capability

Ability to Cater for Multiple Business Models

Fully Automated Trading

Ability to Interface with Multiple Systems

Easy Implementation